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Sotonweb website

A complete design of a modern, responsive website, playing the role of online porfolio


Sotonweb is a creative agency company based in Southampton, UK, which offers professional media design services, such as website design and development, and also e-commerce solutions and social media support.

Problem statement

The company goal was to satisfy needs and requirements of its present and future customers - introducting a website which provides them with clear information about services and the possibility to check already completed projects. Both the agency and the clients benefit that solution beacuse they would reduce time spent on sending e-mails with requests and discussing an offer. Unfortunately, the agency was lacking the website that could meet those expectations - growing number of inquires reaching the existing facebook page was not a sufficient solution. The company was aware of the fact that they urgently need a user-friendly and clear website, that would play also a role of an online portfolio. The client was prepared for a new challenge and approached me with a draft concept with content of the website that I could have start off with.



To design not just the digital product itself, but the best possible customers experiences.



Site should load fast hence any large images or interactions must be kept with moderation.



A responsive, complete design of a website & portfolio.

UX Research

In the first place, I’ve done some research about the traget group to learn more about it. Building an online porflio might seem a relatively simple task but we must remember that Sotonweb’s clients differ when it comes to the level of digital skills and come from different environements so it was decided website should be as accessible, readible and as easy to navigate as possible. I did also a competitive analysis of other creative agencies to compare and collect the data about all the companies to be able to discuss my research and design decisions together with the client.

Reviewing and preparing Information Architecture was crucial for this project - to optimize search process and to give the site competitve advanatage by avoiding overhelming it with content and unnecessary information.


After completing the UX research part, I prepared the first version of the interactive mock ups, based on the client’s brief. We decided that from the visual point of view, the aim of this design was to bring a fresh feeling of a technology and creative ideas. Selected vibrant color accents, aligned with WCAG standards, helps the user to notice the crucial elements on the website, at the same time making the design clear and simple to read and comprehend. Also, according to various research, bright color combinations can be easily noticed and memorized by the users. After a few iteration rounds, the final design was chosen together with the client.

Style tile

Style tile

Desktop design

Desktop screens

Mobile design

Desktop screens


The problem of the client has been solved - together we created a website that feels fresh, modern, and a bit playful, but it’s also accessible for people who are not tech-heavy and help them learn about what Sotonweb does and offers. Creating an ownable and unique style brings life and personality to the website. The design lets the user easily navigate among four main categories in the menu with anchor points. Design helps the company to work faster and have better relationship with its clients.


UX Tools

UX Research, Competitive Analysis, Site Map, Information Architecture, Wireframing, User Testing


UI Tools

Moodboard, Style Tile, Mock Ups, Micro Interactions



Softwares: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Principle